Dear Members,

As the situation regarding the Coronavirus known as COVID-19 becomes increasingly more serious and in light of the recent government recommendations as laid out at a briefing dated 16/3/20 I feel that I should update you with the actions the committee have taken in order to comply with the guidelines and also in an attempt to continue trading whilst minimizing any financial shortfall that would seriously affect the Club when this contagion has cleared.

1. Temporary introduction of a Bye Law 01/20 (rule 62 refers) to permit the Committee to appoint a Deputy Chairman in the event that I fall ill for a period of time. Details of such a Bye Law will be displayed on the notice board.

2. Bingo cancelled until further notice.

3. Mother’s Day meal cancelled due to government recommendations and falling numbers (Down from 100 to 50 and still falling)

4. All future entertainment cancelled until at least July.

5. Dart league has self-cancelled for a minimum of 2 weeks

6. Bowls Society has self-cancelled for a minimum of 2 weeks

7. Forthcoming AGM programmed for 31/3/20 to be cancelled and combined with September 6 month general meeting. 2019 Accounts to go on notice board

8. Committee elections to be postponed until we receive a government green light in respect of socialising. We feel that it would be unfair to candidates as the number of members who would normally cast their vote will be greatly reduced.

9. Monthly committee meetings to be cancelled until further notice. All correspondence to be electronic and should it be necessary to hold a meeting then this will take place in the Club between the weekday hours of 0900 – 1100.

Finally, should you be unlucky and portray the symptoms of the disease and/or be diagnosed with the virus and have visited the Club within 14 days of the confirmed symptoms/diagnosis we would appreciate that you inform the office or a committee member via a friend in order that we might take the appropriate action to protect the health of your fellow members. Please be sure to leave your name or membership number

       Office: 01634 263408                        Bar: 01634231241

We hope that by the committee introducing these simple operational changes as outlined above, which are in addition to my previous communication and not in lieu of, we can limit the spread of this disease within our Club and in so doing remain open for business. The situation is continually changing on a daily basis and it is our intention to keep the membership informed and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Kind Regards,

Ron P - Chairman

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